BPBIO320 Upload-pressurized Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor

Display Mode: Wide 7-segment LED (Systolic, Diastolic, Pulse, Time)
Results Sheet: 3-Line results sheet, 3-Line with a pulse graph results sheet
Voice Guidance is available


Easy Measurement without professional assistance.
-Single-step measurement.
-Voice Guidance and Elbow point provide examinees the best test posture guideline.
-Automatic energy saving mode.
-Enhanced comfort using the compressor belt.
-2-step security component for an emergency.

BPBIO320 eliminates inefficient time work; brings better quality of medical services to everywhere.
-Efficient time management.
-Results sheet print-out.
-For clinical and non-clinical environment: BPBIO320 enables the examinee measure their blood pressure without any professional assistance.